HARD software


We are impatient with the status quo and eager to make things better. We love a challenge, we are interested in the most difficult of problems.

When we look at our customer's problems our people bend the conventions and norms of  the industries we work in and raise the expectations of what is possible. We like to look past the established constraints of system and software design to create powerful leverage and capability for our customers and those that we serve.


HARD software implements innovative technical hardware and software solutions typically for optimisation, trading, scheduling and the analysis and visualisation of data applications.

We are a technology, software and professional services organisation that provides system and software development services to our clients as well as developing our own products. We pride ourselves on building robust and tested solutions that solve challenging and tough problems. 

Dr. Harley Mackenzie
HARD software Managing Director

Harley Mackenzie is the Managing Director of HARD software that is an independent privately owned software company that specialises in the systems analysis, design and implementation of technical software.

Harley has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Phd. in Applied Mathematics and has a extensive experience in the implementation and management of large and small projects in the aviation, insurance, consulting and energy industries.

We are growing!

HARD software continues to grow.  We have recently engaged in a considerable expansion of our company. The key areas of expansion have been in customer support, project and portfolio management, research and software development, ensuring the ongoing provision of focused, fast, responsive and useful services and support for our customers.

We are committed to providing a complete one stop shop for the software and systems required for renewable generation in Australia and Internationally.  Our technical and system operations capabilities undergo continuous improvement.

Melbourne office

Our Melbourne office provides most of our management and administrative functions including customer support and software design and research functions.

Adelaide office

Our Adelaide office has most of our software development team, project management and client service functions.